Mapping & Targeting

Identify Your Audience with Pinpoint Precision

ADS employs a full-service data analytics and predictive response modeling team that uses a proprietary targeting and tracking process called Veritrac®. With it, we can direct your message to specific audiences at the U.S. Census block group level – a more targeted method than most delivery providers can offer.

Veritrac® is specifically designed to pinpoint optimal delivery strategies for direct-to-door advertising. It's based on a customized Geographic Information System (GIS) platform that incorporates a broad range of essential market data, such as demographics, lifestyle segmentation, consumer behavior, consumer buying power and ethnicity, from a variety of sources.

Develop Custom Audience Profiles

By combining geographic, demographic and behavioral data, we're able to develop custom audience profiles, which we can then use to identify (and prioritize distribution to) clusters of homes with the highest propensity for purchase. This maximizes desirable coverage while minimizing waste, driving higher overall program efficiency. In this way, multicultural campaigns can be accurately delivered, with messages designed to resonate with your desired audience.

Segment by Household Type

Want to cover every household around a certain location? We can do that. If you want to be even more granular with your marketing efforts, we can specifically target single- or multi-family households.

Group Deliveries around Store Locations

Our sophisticated Veritrac® software can:

  • Map out all your store locations in a market
  • Calculate the number of households within a predetermined radius of each store
  • Cluster store locations and place their addresses on hangers
  • Avoid duplicate delivery of hangers to households where store location radii intersect

Profiling, Post-Analysis and Predictive Modeling

ADS Media Group Direct-to-Door Media campaigns draw audience data from a variety of sources:

  • Demographic filters
  • Prizm clusters
  • ConneXions clusters
  • MRI audit
  • And more

For clients who already have good quality customer profiles, or those for whom past ADS Media Group programs have yielded useful response data, our data services can develop predictive and descriptive models of expected response. Thus, each subsequent program becomes more accountable and reliable for the planning purposes.

You can also use our Home Address Solution to bump our addresses against the addresses of your consumers who recently purchased from you in store, signed up for your app, ordered online or a multitude of other tracking methods to see your actual advertising and sales results. It's a powerful way to quantify the ROI of your campaigns.