Delivery & Tracking

Real-Time GPS Delivery Verification

Our reputation is based on the quality and reliability of accurately delivering targeted direct-to-door media nationwide. So whether your campaign consists of 10,000 or 5,000,000 direct-to-door media products, you can be assured of reaching the correct destination. Our state-of-the-art Veritrac® system gives you real-time visibility into your marketing material as they arrive on the doorknobs of their target audience.

Our distribution agents carry interactive GPS devices that automatically track and report, in real-time, agent movement and activity. This tracking data is visualized atop an online map, highlighting movement throughout the distribution footprint as the campaign progresses, and verifying that the material was delivered correctly and accurately. Distribution issues can be addressed in a matter of minutes rather than days, agents can be rerouted on the fly and campaign progress becomes more predictable.

With our unique Pin Drop Technology, we can display down to the house level exactly where and when your product is being delivered – no more waiting and wondering. When one of our distribution agents delivers a door hanger, a yellow marker will show up on the map. You'll also be able to track the overall progress of your delivery with aggregated stats that update in real time.