Data Services

Advanced Target Acquisition

ADS enhances marketing campaigns that employ direct-to-the-door distribution by selectively targeting only those geographies that would be most responsive to the campaign's message. Using income, home value, age, race and ethnicity data from the U.S. Census Bureau, ADS can recommend a distribution geography that captures the most responsive clients and eliminates those unlikely to respond.

We've developed a number of proprietary software modules that allow us to analyze and recommend nationwide campaign solutions spanning thousands of store locations quickly. Whether the campaign is based upon proximity to a location or is intended to reach a specific segment of the population, ADS has the tools available to meet any campaign targeting requirements.

Being able to leverage powerful geographic information systems to create targeted marketing solutions shouldn't be out of reach for anyone. That's why we've developed the Market Research module, which simplifies and condenses workstation-class GIS into an easy-to-use web-based interface. Create distribution solutions for multiple locations, leveraging powerful demographic data and filters, all from your web browser.