Frequently Asked Questions

About ADS


ADS is much more than simply a door hanger delivery company. We are your marketing partner. We provide targeted demographic delivery mapping, printing (door hangers, product sampling, polybags, coupons, flyers and more), shipping, delivery down to the U.S. Census block group-level and GPS-verified delivery.

Why should I consider using direct-to-door marketing?

A customized, targeted door hanger program will provide you with a greater ROI than most other forms of direct marketing. Delivering your message direct to the front door is a unique, underutilized strategy - and highly effective.

Our clients have reported in-store coupon redemption rates of 35% for grocers, 18% for convenience stores and 8-15% for quick service restaurants. We’ve also been successful in driving online traffic for our clients, generating 15% and 25% lifts for telecom and retail businesses, respectively.

What are the specs for front-door media?

Our most popular door hanger measures 5.37"  x 17". We also have a smaller door hanger measuring 4.25"  x 11". We can print on 80 lb. gloss, 4-color printing and standard die to hang on doors. We also offer:

  • Custom die cuts
  • Scratch-offs
  • Magnet & card affixing 
  • Consecutive barcodes or numbering
  • Co-op polybags – we can produce bags in various sizes to meet any customer's needs
  • Product sampling – we can deliver custom pieces with product samples to consumers' doors; please contact us with your sample specs for more information


Can you segment delivery based on ethnic makeup of consumers (e.g., African American, Hispanic, etc.)?

Yes, ADS has the ability to identify and reach many different consumer segments by utilizing the U.S. Census demographic database.

Can you deliver anywhere in the U.S.?

Yes, we have a national network of distribution vendors throughout the country.

Do you deliver to apartment complexes?

Yes, if the customer targeted distribution is to include multi-family dwellings.

Do you deliver in rural communities?

We deliver to most markets nationwide; however, we do not deliver to certain more rural markets, as it is not conducive to walking door to door for delivery.

Do you deliver inside gated communities?

Our goal is to reach every resident within the targeted distribution area. That includes gated communities. However, some gated communities may not grant access and therefore cannot be delivered to.


How do you verify distribution?

Distribution is the heart of our business, so we have to get it right. All our delivery crews carry our GPS delivery tracking devices, which we're able to monitor in real time using our custom in-house tracking system, Veritrac®.

Can I monitor the delivery while in progress?

Yes, our customers are given special access to our live, web-based Veritrac® monitoring portal so they can see their delivery in progress.